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The Intelligent Archives project was aimed at the problem of getting the most scientific value from NASA's large volumes of Earth and space science data. Beyond efficient storage and access, the goal is to enable intelligent data understanding and utilization through modeling realistic virtual entities with predictive capabilities. The objective was to formulate ideas and concepts and to provide recommendationsleading to research by the computer science community in the near-term, prototyping to demonstrate feasibility in the mid-term, and operational implementation in the period from 2012 to 2025. The approach includes definition of future scenarios and needs for data usage in applications (consulting with science and applications users), projection of technology advances, and an abstraction of an intelligent archive architecture.

Please feel free to use the materials here for developing other ideas. If you use them in proposals or publications, we would appreciate your citing them and including a reference to the Intelligent Systems Project/Intelligent Data Understanding and this web site. We would also appreciate your letting us know if you use the materials, and/or if you have any comments by e-mailing to

Funding was provided by NASA's Intelligent Systems Program.

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